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10 examples of Marketing Influence in action


You can not be unaware of the marketing of influence.

But is this trendy trend really worth the time and energy?

According to a recent study, 94% of marketers from various regions acknowledged that marketing of influence has become an effective strategy for their campaign.

The good news is not it?

Despite the fact that most marketers believe that influence marketing is one of the best methods of promotion, it is still difficult to accurately judge the level of its profitability or unprofitability. 78% of marketers believe that the definition of ROI from marketing influence should be the main task in 2017.

Involving subscribers, attracting traffic and creating more authentic content are the main aspects of this type of promotion.

What is Influence Marketing?

Influence marketing is designed to attract stakeholders to the existing community. Authorities are specialists in their specific niches, have a high level of trust and feedback from their audience.

Their fans believe that the approval of a product or brand is due to the fact that authorities understand certain topics. Influential people from social networks prefer partnership with unique brands to strengthen the location of their subscribers.

Campaigns based on promotion with the help of popular authorities attract attention to a wider audience and, of course, they are very profitable for brands.

Marketing of influence in action

Let’s look at examples of how brands use the power of authority. We collected ten successful campaigns using influence marketing.

1) Old Navy

Megan Rinks has published a series of advertising posts in Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. In the video, Renks shows the fans how to invent outfits for different occasions (for example, parties and appointments) using Old Navy clothes.

Rince, famous for his comedy skits, has a huge following: more than 1.3 million subscribers to Instagram and 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

2) Naked Juice

This smoothie-cocktail is presented in Instagram with the help of tactics of influence marketing. Bloggers, such as Kate La Vie, share posts in which pictures of their everyday clothes and accessories are presented, including Naked Juice, which seemed to accidentally hit the frame.

3) Glossier

Rather than paying celebrities for the promotion of cosmetics for skin care, the brand is betting on “ordinary women,” because they are so fond of sharing their news.

“We are motivated by the fact that every woman can become an influential figure,” says Glossier CEO Emily Weiss.

Glossier recently introduced a program that allows more authoritative subscribers of the brand to offer discounts on products for the audience on the network.

4) Sperry

At the end of 2016, this brand of footwear attracted more than 100 micro-authorities to Instagram to create attractive content for its subscribers. Sperry identified the brand fans in Instagram, who already shared good photos of their purchases, and began to invite these users to develop visual content for their official profile in Instagram.

5) My Tales of Whiskey

Diageo, the parent company of the Scottish whiskey brands Lagavulin and Oban, was awarded the Shorty Award for Best Influencer Marketing Campaign for the Christmas video starring Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation .

The video, which lasts 44 minutes, shows how Offerman sits by the crackling fireplace, looking thoughtfully at the camera and occasionally enjoying a sip of his drink. Thanks to the simple video series and the prominence of Offerman, the video became a hit.

6) GAP

Successful campaign GAP involved a number of authorities who prefer clothes GAP. Users viewing publications on social networks were given a “Shop this Look” link in the header of the photos.

The GAP campaign was a huge success, thanks to a large number of authorities involved.

7) Stride Gum

If anyone understood how to make a real profit from Snapchat, then this is the hip-hop artist and producer DJ Khaled. He started using a photo app, and after a while each of his snapshots averaged over 3 million views.

“DJ Khaled completely cracked the platform,” said Emmanuel Seuge, senior vice president of content at Coca-Cola, one of the largest advertisers of Snapchat.

His status of “King of Snapchat” means that Khaled is in high demand among companies that use influence marketing. He regularly participates in the promotion of various brands.

Working with W + K London, Stride Gum launched a campaign to capture Snapchat with Khaled to promote his “Mad Intense Gum.”

8) Estée Lauder

Jenner Kendal, who signed 75.1 million people in Instagram, collaborated with the beauty brand to develop the “right” collection of 82 essential cosmetics. She promoted the brand in her account in Instagram and appeared in the posts of the official profile of Estée Edit. Jenner shared tips on makeup, using her favorite makeup.

9) Hallmark

To promote the collection of jewelry, Hallmark collaborated with a number of authorities in Instagram.

The authorities published personal and family photos from the holidays, as well as a link for buying one of the unique ornaments, accompanying their hashtag #KeepsakeIt.

10) Loeffler Randall

Loeffler Randall became a favorite among artists, bloggers and fashion insiders, largely due to the attraction of authorities in his marketing campaigns.

“Ambassadors LR” – are writers, artists, florists and women entrepreneurs, leading an active life.

In addition to everything, Loeffler Randall shares photos of authorities in LR shoes and accessories in Instagram using the #LRambassador hashtag

Working with authorities is very interesting! Be inspired by the examples above and create your own unique marketing campaigns using the most powerful promotion tool – influence marketing.


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