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11 ideas for Content Marketing for June 2017


There are less than two weeks left until the summer. Someone else has not managed to get away from the May snowfall, and someone has already discovered the swimming season.

In any case, everyone loves summer (or almost all). Ahead of the vacation, new impressions and, of course, fascinating seasonal content.

What are the ideas to diversify your content marketing strategy in June? What will interest your audience?

In today’s article, we collected 11 content ideas for the next month. Use them for inspiration and boldly experiment!

1. Cheers, summer!


The beginning of summer is always a storm of positive emotions. Everything is just beginning: walks to late evening, trips to the sea, picnics.

Contribute to the joy of anticipation of the upcoming adventures.

Share ideas of interesting leisure and outdoor activities with the users, talk about summer fashion trends or please them with a recipe for a light refreshing dish. And do not forget to remind that your brand will make any summer even brighter!

2. Getting ready for vacation


Vacation is not only “finally”, but also planning, stress and the possibility of any force majeure.

Prepare an overview of the countries and resorts that are worth visiting this summer, tell us about their pros and cons.

Be helpful: make a list of medicines for a first aid kit or a survival guide in the mountains. With you, the audience will not be afraid either of the wild beast or sunstroke.

3. Children’s Day – June 1


On June 1, you can tell the story of the International Children’s Day, collect a collection of photos of cute kids or create an infographics with interesting “childish” facts.

Ask users to share their child’s favorite pearls, drawings or funny videos.

Remind of the responsibility of parents and the importance of child protection. And, of course, please your youngest audience with the content created for them (cartoon or comic book).

4. World Environment Day – June 5


World Environment Day is another reason to be conscious and make the world a little better, cleaner and happier.

Tell your readers how they can contribute to the preservation of the environment. Relevant here will be motivating photos, videos, informative infographics.

If your brand cares about the environment, be sure to share your experience and achievements. This will only strengthen the trust and respect of consumers.

5. International Friends Day – June 9


Ask users to share their stories about true friendship or about crazy friendly gatherings. Photos and videos are welcome!

Find out what readers are ready for their friends, ask the children what friendship means to them. And just share tips that will help avoid conflicts and always find a common language. Friendship is great, you have to celebrate it!

6. Examinations


June for graduates and students – it’s time for exams and tests. Outside the window, the heat, almost all schoolchildren went on vacation, and they, poor creatures, have to sit in stuffy rooms, buried in their ears in textbooks.

But you can come to the rescue! Share with the younger generation tips on increasing productivity, prepare a timetable for preparing for exams, a list of useful resources.

It will not be superfluous to talk about how to cope with stress and manage to relax without harming your studies. You will be honored as a hero!

7. Graduation party


It’s no secret that many graduates are more concerned not with the results of the Unified State Examination, but with the graduation party.

Is your brand a specialist in fashion and beauty? Dare! Girls and guys will appreciate the tips for choosing the perfect evening outfit and creating a memorable image.

Do you know what’s on holidays? Tell your parents and teachers how to organize the celebration, so that it would be fun and interesting for everyone.

Or, do you have ideas for unusual decor or sincere congratulations? Feel free to share, help make the prom night unforgettable!

8. Patriotism


In June, several holidays are celebrated at once, evoking the spirit of patriotism:

  • June 6 – Pushkin’s Day, the Day of the Russian Language
  • June 12 – Day of adoption of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the Russian Federation or the Day of Russia
  • June 22 – Day of Remembrance and Sorrow, the Beginning of the Second World War
  • June 25 – Day of Friendship and Unity of Slavs

Is this topic relevant to your brand? Then readers, for sure, will be interested in historical essays, rare photographs or infographics with memorable dates. Remember that it unites all the inhabitants of Russia, what can we be proud of, and which we should never forget.

9. Day of the medical worker – June 18


Whether we like it or not, medicine is an integral part of our life. All people are sometimes sick. It’s good that we have someone to turn to for help.

The Day of the Medical Worker is an important holiday, in honor of which an audience can share useful content.

Create infographics with data from the field of medicine, tell us about the latest developments or share stories from the life of ordinary doctors and nurses. These people save lives, they definitely have something to tell.

10. Cup of Confederations 2017


The eighth national soccer tournament among national teams, held under the auspices of FIFA, will be held from June 17.

A fertile occasion to create thematic content, especially if your brand is associated with sports. Interesting statistics, fresh news, reviews, forecasts, interviews – there are a lot of options.

11. The day of the inventor – June 25


Inventions are an interesting and inspiring topic. Tell your audience about the latest breakthroughs in science and technology, unusual gadgets that simplify everyday life, or about famous scientists.

You can also compile an impressive collection of user-generated content by asking readers to share their inventions.

The bonus

In June, there are several interesting holidays that can be an excellent occasion for creating thematic content:

  • June 2 – The Day of Healthy Nutrition
  • June 8 – Day of the Social Worker
  • June 8 – World Oceans Day
  • June 10 – Birthday of the Soyuzmultfilm studio
  • June 10 – Brewer’s Day
  • June 14 – World Blood Donor Day
  • June 17 – World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
  • June 20 – World Refugee Day
  • June 23 – International Olympic Day
  • June 23 – Balalaika Day
  • June 27 – The Day of Youth of Russia

I hope these ideas inspire you to create useful and exciting content. The main thing is, be guided by the interests of your target audience and do not be afraid to try something new. Creative is always in fashion.


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