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50 ways to Attract more Subscribers to Instagram


Instagram is becoming an important part of SMM strategy. And knowingly – this is one of the best platforms for promoting business and communicating with customers.

But there is one question constantly asked by marketers: “How can I attract more subscribers?”

Below we have gathered 50 ways for you to get more subscribers to Instagram for your business.

Let’s get started!

Profile of your Instagram

# 1. Choose a remembered username

If you use a short user name that is easy to remember, people will find it easier to find it in the future. The best choice is the name of your brand.

# 2. Use the intriguing profile image

The image of your profile makes a first impression. If this is a personal page, then a face photograph is a good choice, because it allows people to know who you are. If this is your business, use your logo to demonstrate the brand.

# 3. Update your biography

Make sure that your biography matches your business objectives. If you sell products, indicate what they are, and briefly describe what makes them unique. If you have an offline store, your biography is a good place to indicate its address, as well as opening hours.


# 4. Link your accounts on Facebook and in Instagram

Linking your accounts to Facebook and to Instagram allows you to automatically publish content on Facebook that you put into Instagram. This not only simplifies the reuse of the same content on the two largest and best social platforms, but also allows you to use the coverage that you have on Facebook to develop your profile in Instagram. Make sure that your Facebook postings link to your profile in Instagram so that you can turn Facebook subscribers into subscribers to Instagram.

Promotion of the account

# 5. Share links to your account on other social networks

Despite the fact that many social networks are not as tightly connected with Instagram as Facebook, you can still appeal to the audience on other platforms. If it’s difficult for you to translate people from another network into your Instagram profile, try to make an interesting proposal as an incentive.

# 6. Promote your account with the mailing list

You can send a single information message by e-mail, inviting people from your list to sign up for an account in Instagram. As in the previous example, exclusive offers for your subscribers in Instagram will help to reach even more fans of the account.

# 7. Promote your account in the store

If you are lucky and you have a store, take this opportunity! Place the advertisement of the account in Instagram in it, offering discounts in exchange for a subscription. You can also offer incentives through @ mentioning – this is of great interest to subscribers.

# 8. Use shipping to promote your account

If you run an e-commerce business and regularly send goods to your customers, try to invest in each order a small card with information about your profile in Instagram and an appeal, for example: “Check out our Instagram profile and get discounts On new products! “ Since these people are already customers, they are likely to subscribe to your profile.

# 9. Place a link to your profile in Instagram on the main page

If your site attracts a lot of traffic, make sure that you have social network icons on the main page to direct visitors to your profiles. Although this may not be a huge source of new subscribers for your profile in Instagram, but even every small account counts!

# 10. Paste your photos into blog posts

If part of your internet marketing strategy is your blog, then this is another channel that you can use to attract people to your page in Instagram. Insert messages from Instagram instead of using screenshots. This not only ensures that you retain the quality of your original message, which means that readers can click on your profile in Instagram and subscribe.

# 11. Use the Instagram Ads

Since Instagram belongs to Facebook, it also has the advantage of using an incredibly powerful advertising platform on Facebook. Although Instagram Ads is the best choice, if you want to achieve a specific business goal – for example, to increase sales or manage traffic – you can also use advertising to present your profile to people in your target market.

Content in Instagram

# 12. Use a unique content strategy

Simply put, Instagram has a lot of users. To stand out, you need to do something unique. Do not be afraid to do what is tried and effective – for example, images of beautiful food and bright landscapes are popular at all times.

# 13. Maintain a specific theme

Before you start publishing photos, think about what message you want to send to Instagram. Think about the types of photos you want to publish, and about what content you want to share with your subscribers. Create rules or guidelines for content and headings for your profile so that each of your entries matches a particular style.


# 14. Over time, delete unsuccessful photos

After a period of time, review your profile and delete those images that do not correspond to the principles that you developed for your account. New visitors will visit the page to view the profile and see the general theme and quality – this will help show them what your company offers, and increase the chance that they will subscribe.

# 15. Place photos of high quality

This is a simple rule. You do not need expensive professional cameras to post good photos in Instagram. Make sure your photos are clear, clear and edited with taste. New smart phones, such as the iPhone or Galaxy – is a win-win for ideal photos in Instagram.


# 16. Share photos “behind the scenes”

One of the greatest advantages of social media is the establishment of communication with users. Many people use camera shots to attract attention to celebrities or businesses. In order to capitalize on this technique, let your subscribers look at your business behind the scenes. For example, a corner of the eye to look at photos of new products or to show what an ordinary employee’s day looks like in the office. It will be interesting to people and even add a bit of mystery to you.


# 17. Post the quotation

Not everyone has the time to constantly make and edit photos. If you post messages or photos, then you can publish and quote that suits your target market. They can be attractive, even for people who are not very interested in your product.


# 18.Use an application similar to VSCO to edit your photos

Using an application for editing photos, such as VSCO, can be exactly what you need in order for your photos to be beautiful. Easy editing makes the photos unique and helps them stand out. Consistent use of several different filters also allows you to create a specific style. This tactic will help users immediately recognize the images that belong to your brand. Just make sure that you do not overdo it with changes!


# 19. Use the application for a collage to combine pictures

The more the merrier, right? Using a collage application, such as Layout Instagram, allows you to add multiple photos to one. Although this is not always the best strategy, it creates many creative opportunities that can interest people and turn them into your subscribers.

# 20. Shoot the video

Instagram recently improved the video, increasing the maximum video size from 15 seconds to 1 minute. Take advantage of this and take a creative approach to the video to show your products or your employees.


# 21. Use Instagram Story to interest subscribers

Instagram Story starts to gain momentum. If you are serious about your strategy in Instagram, periodically add stories with interesting news or new products. To increase participation in your stories, consider the possibility of introducing discounts with a limited period for publication in your stories.

# 22. Publish photos of people

Photos with people tend to attract the audience more. When you take photos of your product, try to show subscribers who use it – you will see that these photos will be better perceived by users in Instagram.


# 23. Celebrate people in your photos

If you are trying to expand your coverage, you can try to mark on your photos not only people, but also influential brands. This not only notifies them about your photo, but will actually result in the photo appearing in the “tagged photos” section of these profiles, which allows their subscribers to find your photos.


Communication in Instagram

# 24. Use content created by users

Always try to find the time to interact with people who are in contact with your brand in the social sphere. If someone posted a photo with your products in Instagram, you can see or comment on their photos. Why not take the extra step and not share this photo using the Repost application? This not only allows you to evaluate the original photo, but will show your subscribers how others enjoy your products.

# 25. Publish events that will be displayed in Events

Instagram recently introduced the Events function in the Explore feed, which allows live broadcasts from the scene. If your company participates in the event, try to post the video live from the scene, this will double the interest of your subscribers.

# 26. Ask users to tag friends

There are several reasons why users can tag their friends on your photos. Add a call to action in the headline: “Mark a friend who would like this photo” – or run a rally, for participation in which it is necessary to celebrate friends (and subscribe). This increases the involvement, and also increases the likelihood that you will end up in the Explore feed.

# 27. Participate in the Weekend Blog Hashtag project on the Instagram blog

Instagram Weekend The Hashtag Project is a project in which the Instagram community team participates, a specific topic and a hashtag are assigned weekly. For example, the #WHPescape campaign demonstrated the ideas of Instagram users about an excellent weekend break, and #WHPfreetime showed what Instagram users are doing in their spare time. Participation in the Weekend Hashtag project means that your account can be included in the Instagram blog, and this is a huge influx of traffic (and subscribers).


# 28. Lick the images in the Explore feed

Your Explore feed consists of messages related to the posts you liked and the people you are subscribed to. So, if you actively promoted your profile in Instagram, probably your Explore feed is filled with messages from people in your target market. Likewise these photos to increase interaction with other accounts in your industry.

# 29. Leave short comments under pictures of other users

Although husky is great, but comments are more personal ways of interacting with other accounts. Try not to write such things as “ great photo “, – better make a few comments on the subject of photography. “ A cute dog ” is perceived much better than “ A good shot! .”

# 30. Comment on pictures of popular users

These users have a bunch of subscribers who see their content – which means that if you comment on their photos, chances are that these users will see your comments. This can lead to them viewing your profile, and – if your content is good – they will subscribe to you!

# 31. Reply to comments

Social networks should never be one-sided. If you get comments on your photos – yes, even common, everyday phrases such as “ Pleasant Photo ” – find a couple of seconds to reply. Even such a simple “ Thank you! ” will give you an advantage and a chance that people will join your community. And always, always mention the users in the responses to the comments so that they can see it.



# 32. Subscribe to the recommended users

Instagram uses a special algorithm to associate you with users who have something to do with your profile, which means finding user accounts in your industry. After your subscription to the recommended users, they will probably take a step back.

# 33. Join those users who subscribe to your profile

Mutually sign up for accounts in your industry that are subscribed to you – if someone checks the subscribers of this profile, they will see your account.

# 34. Subscribe to profiles on which there are your competitors

Most likely, the accounts of your competitors are subscribed to users from your target audience. After these accounts you can get an answer to your question – and because they are in your target market, they are much more valuable subscribers than others.

# 35. Subscribe to profiles that are subscribed to your competitors

If these users are interested in your competitor’s products, and maybe they will be interested in yours too. Subscribe to them, and there is a very good chance that they will check your account to find out who you are. To subscribe you should just interest them!


Taking Advantage of Authorities

# 36. Use the laurels of the authorities

Ask the authority to make posts on certain days so that its subscribers join your profile.

# 35. Attract authority to show your product

Partner with a popular user or offer a fee to encourage him to publish a photo with your product – this is another way to present your product to a new audience. In addition, the audience of credibility will be more receptive to your product because it is represented by someone whom they trust and admire.

Signatures to photos

# 36. Use the call to action in the photo captions

Add appeals to your signatures, such as: “Join us to get special discounts.” This way you convince users who will view your photos, subscribe to your profile. Sometimes everyone needs a little push.

# 37. Ask questions in your photo captions

Another way to interact with users of your posts – questions in the captions to photos. Make people think and think a little and they will definitely become your subscribers.

# 38. Use Geolocation

Geolocation allows people in certain regions to see your photos. While this probably will not help significantly increase the number of subscribers, users will still see your content, especially those that are near you.

Instagram Hashtag strategies

# 39. Use hashtags associated with your photo

Using hashtags associated with your photo will help you target users who are interested in your brand and products. This allows them to find the desired photos by searching in Instagram – and probably subscribe to your news ..

# 40. Use popular hashtags

Although popular hashtags are less effective for reaching users within your target market, they can be useful when trying to reach a wider group of people. This is not the best way to get quality subscribers, but it’s a good way to increase the total number of people. Use the Websta site to find the most popular hashtags.

Here are the top 10 hashtags of all time:

# 41. Use brand hashtags

If you feel that your brand is growing and people are constantly taking photos with your products, think about creating a hashtag for your brand. This helps create a community of users who can promote your brand.


# 42. Look for local hashtags

Local hashtags are the right strategy for attracting users near you. Publish photos in specific places and mark them with hashtags associated with your industry. This strengthens the connection between you and your market and can help you attract the attention of potential customers.

Instagram schedule

# 43. Publish your posts at certain times

Regular publications help regular subscribers interested in your content and products, monitor your profile and do not skip high-quality content.

# 44. Post with Later or Buffer

Not every marketer can find time in the middle of the day to create and publish a message in Instagram. Using such tools as Later or Buffer, you can edit your publications – edits, signatures and everything else – and plan their publication at a certain time and date. It helps a lot to stick to the exact schedule of publication of posts.

# 45. Post messages during peak hours

Publishing in periods with high traffic can lead to the fact that your messages will be noticed by a large number of people, and, therefore, you will be able to attract more subscribers.

# 46. Post messages during low traffic

Publishing in unpopular hours means that you will compete with fewer brands and are more likely to be in the top, thereby increasing the chances of great interest among users.

# 47. Publish more often

Some subscribers sometimes think about whether to subscribe to a profile. At the same time, they mainly pay attention to the frequency of messages. Frequent publications will convince users to leave a subscription to this profile, if the publications are rare and inexpressive – they will not follow the “lifeless” account.

# 48. Do not post messages too often

On the other hand, there is such a thing as too many posts in Instagram. Too frequent publications can have several negative consequences: they can clutter news subscribers and bother them – this means that they can unsubscribe from your account.

# 49. Find the best time for publications – think about the audience

This will take some time. Try to do publications at different times to compare user reactions. Check out the likes, comments and perfectly set up the schedule of entries. Also, think about your target market – if you are in Los Angeles trying to contact customers in Sydney, you need to schedule records during those periods when they wake up.

# 50. Use analytics to optimize strategy in Instagram

If you want to go deeper into your Instagram profile, think about using Iconosquare or Crowdfire to look at the people who are subscribed to you, and on the people you are subscribed to. These applications allow you to find people to subscribe (or unsubscribe), identify popular subscribers and compare

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