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Today every ecommerce project has an experience of promotion in Facebook. However, as practice shows, many online stores are limited to basic settings of advertising campaigns, such as location, sex and age of users, and receive mediocre results. To significantly improve the impact of the promotion can be detailed configuration of campaigns and their deep analytics.

Let’s talk about ways to increase the effectiveness of advertising online store in Facebook.

1. Analyze associated conversions

The basic metric of the effectiveness of advertising via Facebook is a direct conversion, in other words, a purchase made immediately after a click on an ad in a social network. In addition to this indicator, we recommend tracking associated conversions when the buyer purchases the product not immediately after viewing the advertisement, but later.

The ability to trace the chain appears due to the fact that Facebook records all users who saw the advertisement. And, when a person comes to the advertiser’s resource, a special code integrated into the site determines that he saw the ad. Let’s say that the ad on the discount on the chair “caught up” with the visitor of the site in the social network, but he did not click on the advertisement. A couple of days after remembering about the company, the user searches for the brand in the search engine, returns to the resource and orders the goods. This is the associated conversion.

The statistics of deferred purchases, supported by advertising in Facebook, allows you to more competently optimize your advertising budget and manage your bids. Consider the situation when advertising a new TV model in a social network does not lead to direct sales, but the data indicate that a particular ad has a high rate of associated conversions. In this case it makes sense to raise the rates on it, to test the corrections of the text or creatives. The result of improvements in advertising can be direct conversions.

In general, the tool is useful for any sphere of ecommerce and is especially useful in promoting goods with a long decision-making period for purchasing: furniture, jewelry, large household appliances.

You can set up tracking of associated conversions using a special code that is automatically generated in the “Pixels” section of the “Advertising Office”. It must be integrated into the site code or product pages. By default, Facebook allows you to see conversions that occurred within 28 days after displaying and / or clicking on the ad.

2. Segment the product feed

Let’s take as an example a visitor to an online furniture store that was going to buy a bed and looked at several models. Before leaving the site, he went to the pages of pillows and pillowcases from the section “With this product they buy”. In most cases, marketers use Facebook’s default algorithms, and advertising will catch up with the user in the social network gallery, which will have a bed, pillow and pillowcase. Such an advertising message may have a low conversion for two reasons.

First, additional goods – pillowcase and pillow blur out attention and distract the potential buyer from the main – bed.

Secondly, against the backdrop of the low cost of pillows and pillowcases the bed may seem too expensive.

For Facebook remarketing to not distract but motivate consumers to buy, it’s useful to segment the product feed in the “Product Catalog” section of the “Advertising Office”.

In our case, segmentation can be: “Beds”, “Pillows”, “Pillowcases”. As a result, in the Facebook gallery, the user will see exactly what he wanted to buy – beds. Thus, the conversion of advertising can increase to 10%.

3. Share Facebook and Instagram

In the “Advertising Office” Facebook has the ability to set up advertising campaigns for the users of Instagram. However, we recommend sharing the promotion in these social networks because of the difference in formats. In addition to the ad text on Facebook, the names of links and titles that are not in Instagram are added, but this is not possible with a single launch.

Thus, launching a single advertisement in two social networks without additional information can bring fewer conversions.

In addition, the cost of a click in Instagram is on average 2 times lower than in Facebook. And given that with a single promotion in both social networks, the cost of a click is calculated at a higher value, the separation of advertising campaigns can significantly save the budget.

4. Segment the audience

In addition to dividing by social network and traditional segmentation by sex and age, we recommend to divide the audience into desktop and mobile, and the latter – to Android and iOS users. Thus, you can clearly identify the portrait of conversion users and optimize the advertising budget in their favor.

For example, if the statistics shows that men do not react to advertising at the age of 51-60, “sitting” on Facebook from computers, it is worth not to advance to this group of users. And the released budget to send to advertising the goods among the owners of the iPhone at the age of 21-25 years who use Instagram and more often make purchases after viewing ads.

Segmentation will save up to 15% of the advertising budget, especially when it comes to large advertising campaigns.

5. Be more precise in the definitions

As a rule, small online stores when promoting on Facebook connect only classic remarketing, because they can not use dynamic because of the low traffic of the site. As a result, a lot of campaigns are created in the “Advertising Desk” of the social network, which are often called “as it is necessary,” which complicates the process of making adjustments. And, if necessary, stop the promotion to a certain audience group, the marketer must check each ad.

In small campaigns with serious segmentation, the number of ads can reach several tens. In the absence of correct names, the verification of all ads can take up to half an hour, while logical names will be reduced to 30% of the time and simplify their analytics.

6. Use different formats

Do not limit yourself to exclusively static images and alternate them with video and the “carousel” format. According to Facebook “carousel” on average reduces the cost of a click by 20-30%, and as a result, reduce the cost of the targeted action to 50%.

In the presence of the budget, it is useful to remove high-grade quality video. If the budget is organic, you can create a video from the pictures in the “Advertising Office” social network. It is worth taking into account the involvement of users. Despite the fact that the average timekeeping average for social networks is 20 seconds, recent studies showed that the time of user interaction with video is 8 seconds. And given the speed of “winding” the news line, there is still less opportunity to hook the audience. This means that when creating a video, special attention should be given to the first shots: include popular, sold products and attractive for the buyers of USP.

In general, video advertising demonstrates high rates of user involvement. For example, according to a survey of Nielsen commercials on Facebook, in the first 3 seconds of the video, almost half of the users remember the brand name that it mentions. At the same time, 32% of viewers understand the genus of the duration of the advertiser, and 42% of users show a willingness to purchase the goods shown in the video.


7. Test new tools

Facebook constantly launches new tools for advertisers and we recommend testing them. For example, in the social network there is a format “Offer”, which by click shows the user a promotional code for a discount or lending for an application for a discount. The tool can be effective for motivating site visitors who left the Trash without completing the order. At the same time, it is important to consider the term of making a purchasing decision, that is, the proposal should be shown on time. This tool is also useful when returning current customers for repeated purchases. For example, with a competent analysis of the frequency of orders in the online clothing store, buyers of summer shoes can show a coupon on the eve of the autumn season. And stores that have showrooms, it is useful to test the tool for tracking offline conversions. For example, by clicking on coupon advertising, you can offer users in return for an email to receive a promotional code, which must be presented in the store for a discount.

The “Offer” format shows a high efficiency in comparison with classic outposts. So, within the limits of one advertising campaign at the equal expenses the tool has brought the income in 4 times more, than promoposty.


In conclusion, I note that the success of promotion in Facebook depends on three interrelated factors: experiments, segmentation of the audience and analysts. Do not be afraid to test all possible social networking tools, do not be lazy to divide the target users into groups by devices and make a breakdown by age with a minimum step. This will allow you to analyze the smallest changes in the conversion and in time to redistribute the budget for effective ads.

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