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8 ways to increase coverage in Instagram


Ever since Instagram changed the newsletter algorithm, many marketers have noticed a decrease in the coverage of their posts and involvement.

However, you do not have to worry about it. Even on the contrary, this innovation can quite help you reach a much larger audience than your current one. And in this article, we’ll figure out how to do this.

Find the best time for publication

Despite the fact that Instagram, by analogy with Facebook, uses an algorithmic tape, posting time still matters. Publishing content at the right time can increase the involvement of your subscribers, which in turn can lead to a social network algorithm that will “promote” your content, showing it to more users.

If you use the Instagram business profile, then you need to check Instagram Insights to find out when your subscribers are most active.


Experiment with the video

The results of of some studies show that photos in Instagram receive more likes and comments than video. At first glance it may seem that the photos for you will be preferable to video. Maybe it is so.

However, if you look closely at the research data, you can notice a lot of interesting things. Take, for example, the study News Whip whose team studied the Instagram-accounts of the 31 editions. It turned out that the photos really collect more likes, but the video is much more often comment. On average, the video was commented on twice as often as the photos.


It is not known how the Instagram algorithm regards comments and “I like” marks – equally, or someone “outweighs”. But, judging by the fact that the commentary requires more effort from the user than the likes, one can assume that posts with a large number of comments will be ranked higher.

Make contests and ask questions

Asking users questions and calling them to action is not a new way, but effective. And, of course, never forget about contests. Everyone loves them.


The Buffer team, for example, tried the following options:

  • Subscribers were asked to share their favorite combination of emoji dedicated to the holiday.
  • To participate in the contest, the user was asked to mark a friend whom he would vote for as the best marketer (both automatically become participants).
  • Users were asked to mark the best specialist on social networks.
  • Subscribers were asked to share the list of books they planned to read in the near future. The winner received a gift from his list as a present.

Contests are usually accompanied by a huge number of comments. However, so that they do not bother subscribers, do not need to spend them too often. Arrange breaks in a few months.

Maintain custom content

Brian Pieters, Buffer Marketing Strategist, increased the number of subscribers to a company account by 500% in 6 months. Its secret is user-generated content.

Support for user creativity can cause a significant audience response, which in turn will lead to increased involvement. Since now the Instagram algorithm pays attention to who and how the user interacts with the formation of his news feed, then you would not be hindered to start building relationships with subscribers.

In addition, experts from Crowdtap found that user content is remembered 35% better and trusted 50% more than traditional media and non-user content.

Tell the “stories”

As noted in the annual report of Buffer on the state of social networks for 2016, only 16% of the surveyed participants have ever created “stories”. And now is a great time to stand out from the crowd and start to master this tool.

“Histories” occupy a favorable position – over the news line. This is another great opportunity for the brand to attract attention. If subscribers regularly review your “stories”, this can lead to the fact that the Instagram algorithm will promote your posts. On the same principle, live broadcasts also work, so do not hesitate to try yourself in this area.


However, it should be noted that the “stories” are ranked in much the same way as regular posts in news feeds.

Launch the advertisement

Yes, this is pretty obvious advice. But they should not be neglected, and it is even better to use all the tricks in the complex. About how to launch advertising in Instagram, we talked here.


Publish less

Better one good photo instead of twenty mediocre. Just remember this. And the next time you decide to post something, stop and think what this content will give your brand? Taking quantity is a dubious achievement. Work on quality.

Create exclusively for Instagram

Instagram is a very visual social network. First of all, images are appreciated here, and only then do they pay attention to the text. Therefore, what works well in Instagram can show a very different result in another social network. Consider this.

The main moment for attracting attention and retaining the audience is genuine activity. Over the previous year Instagram added a lot of new tools that can be used to attract and retain the audience on business profiles. All of them are relevant in 2017 year. For example, the receipt of new products in the online store can be published online in Instagram Stories. The same content, but in the form of static slides can be formed in the form of a presentation (carousel) and duplicated in the profile ribbon. More involvement for subscribers will also be provided by the periodic launch of online broadcasts, where there may be reviews of new products, services or some kind of interactivity with customers. This increases the trust of clients to the business profile, prompts for active actions (likes, comments) and, of course, attracts a new audience. As for the time of publication – yes, it can make a difference, but it all depends on the topic of the promotion. In business accounts there is a schedule of activity, on the basis of which you can build the right strategy for publishing media. Again, in our opinion, the most relevant format now is composite media (carousel), since This works best for audience retention. The main thing here is to create slides correctly, so that the involvement with each slide grows, but does not fall. As for Instagram Stories, then, as practice shows, people quite often click on the profile avatar. That is why the presence of any materials in this section indicates, firstly, the high activity of representatives of goods or services of a company using Instagram as an advertising platform, and secondly, in a temporary cut-off, it can visually show subscribers the influx of new Goods and reflect the dynamics of business development in general.

Instead of confinement

Never forget that Instagram is primarily a place where users go for entertainment and positive emotions. And brands simply have to meet these expectations. Therefore, consider all the above tips, and build your strategy. And do not forget to share your advice in the comments.


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