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Briefly about the Newest and most Obvious marketing trend


We know that working with clients is always difficult and responsible. Companies must clearly understand what the client wants and do their best to achieve his location.

This immutable truth has become the basis of a new marketing concept. The trend, which we will talk about in this article, is gaining popularity and can change the approach to advance dramatically.

This refers to customer-first marketing, which is able to influence customer relationships, their perspectives and actions on both sides.

Let’s take a closer look:

What is customer-first marketing?

How do you understand customer-first marketing without a definition of this term?

Probably many of you will respond: “We need to build a sales strategy so that we convince customers to use our product or service. After we succeeded in getting into the confidence of our clients, we are agitating them with the help of advertising (the product they need) to make a purchase. “

This is a time-tested marketing strategy, but it is not customer-centric. When you start with “We need …”, you no longer particularly value your customers and their needs, you think about yourself.

Let’s consider another example. Suppose that the client himself wants to meet with you in order to study your proposal. For his reasons and under your pressure, he still gets the goods.

Customer-first marketing has nothing to do with these two examples. This approach includes many discussions and discussions with the buyer to find the only correct solution that will suit both sides. Sales are fading into the background.

Do not panic.

The strategy implies conducting a series of studies and discussions, providing customers with a wide choice and receiving feedback, so the process may seem unreasonably long. In fact, being customer-first is vital today for any business.

What is the difference between customer-centric and customer-first marketing?

Note that customer-first marketing is not just another branch of customer-centric marketing.

The main difference between the approaches:

The strategy of customer-centric marketing is aimed at the customer. You consider the client as the ultimate goal. Customer-first marketing revolves around the client. You build your strategy around the client, research.

In December 2016 MarketingSherpa released a study with a detailed description of what to do to make the client happy. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important indicators of business success, and it can be achieved through customer-first marketing.

What do satisfied customers feel compared to dissatisfied customers?

According to the study, more than half of the customers reported that it was that a good experience became the most important detail in interaction with the company.

But what does good experience mean?

What makes a client feel that he is important to the company.

How important it is to understand if customers are satisfied with the interaction with your company, and show the following survey results:

Image result for if customers are satisfied with the interaction with your company

Marketing can give much better results if you put customers above business goals. When customers are really happy, they not only continue to buy from the company, but recommend it to others.

Tune in to customer-first marketing

Why are not all companies ready to use this method?

According to Jamie Bakland, vice president of product and marketing at JanRain the answer is simple:

“It’s so hard for many executives to give up their marketing know-how … If you refrain from revising your approach to the client, expect that cooperation with you will be terminated and customers will spend their money somewhere else.”

How to start the implementation of the approach?

Here are a few ideas:

Involve customers in all processes

Take the time to immerse your customers in the process. Offer them a free webinar, let them schedule a date / time to learn how to use your product or service.

Often question them to see how they develop and what questions they are having.

Tell us about your common achievements

Have your customers achieved impressive results with your product or service? Why not share this information!

Or just tell something about your customers – the confession makes everyone feel special.

Some companies manually write letters to their customers in gratitude for the feedback and give nice little things.

Be proactive

Do not just support and solve customer problems, but keep them up to date with news and changes. Let them contact you. Customer-first marketing involves regular feedback and a lot of discussion. Do not avoid your customers, track their news, work with pleasure.

When it comes to transferring a product or service to the customer’s hand, it’s easy to feel like a horse. But the most important and difficult part is to justify hopes and translate cooperation into a long-term regime. Only in this way will your business pay off not only in terms of income, but also in terms of happy employees, loyal customers and excellent reviews.


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