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You do not need to be an expert in Internet marketing to assess the potential of brand promotion with YouTube. One thing is enough: the duration of viewing content on this site daily is one billion hours. For the year it is more than 40 million years.

By the number of users YouTube is second only to Facebook.

It would seem that such a powerful tool should be actively used to create and promote brands. But research suggests the opposite. In the US, only 9% of small business owners have their own channel on YouTube.

Creation and filling of its channel with high-quality content in conditions of weak competition can give a powerful impetus to the development of business.

Key points of the strategy for creating a unique and recognizable style for the majority Successful entrepreneurs coincide. Think about them, adapt them to your needs – and this will help you achieve your goal.

Become the only one of its kind

One of the most popular channels on YouTube is Epic Rap Battles of History (ERB)

Entertaining content in a unique style has a stable popularity. Only here you can see, for example, the rap battle of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates:


Or Mr. Tee and Mr. Rogers:


] As of mid-2017, the ERB channel has more than 14 million subscribers.


You do not need to be as original as ERB for a successful promotion. Debye and the share of creativity are simply necessary.

It is only possible to begin to solve this problem after determining the main audience of the channel.It is worth analyzing what exactly will interest the interested audience.The most popular among users are either entertaining or educational videos

Professional advice, expert opinions, educational content – all this can become a hallmark of the new channel.

Stably popular and timeless techniques are humor and sarcasm. Many of the best channels somehow use them when creating content.

Users of the largest video hosting also love everything mysterious, mysterious, strange and unusual. Demonstration of its originality on YouTube can become a bright attractive detail.

Of course, with the passage of time the details and subtleties of the author’s style can change. But the vector of movement is worth considering from the very beginning.

Create a “killer” trailer for the channel

The trailer automatically plays when it hits the main channel page.


This video will play a significant role in whether you get a new subscriber.The user either immediately subscribe to the channel or will go

The “catchy” trailer for one-and-a-half minutes reflects the content of the channel in a capacious and unordinary manner.

There are several ways to do this:

  • remove a special video for the main page and briefly inform about what the subscribers are waiting for;
  • choose one of the best videos, Which most successfully reflects the essence of your brand;
  • create a selection of the main moments of the video clips of the channel.

Any of these approaches should lead to one goal – to delay the user’s attention, create some intrigue and push to Subscription.

Use the section “About the channel”

This time You can reflect the concept of the brand, the details of the activity, important aspects of the functioning of the channel. Potential subscribers are likely to want to look here. Each word written here can affect the subscription. Therefore, it is so important not to allow negligence in filling out the section.

Here is a good example of the well thought out section “On the channel” from Fine Brothers Entertainment:


Here is another One good example from The Needle Drop, one of the most popular music channels:


The “About the channel” section is another opportunity to emphasize brand identity and interest even accidentally glancing at you on the page.

Be consistent

To ensure a steady increase in interest in the brand, it is very important to be consistent on your channel.

Two rules should be observed for this.

  • First, the channel must have repetitive Heroes and themes. This allows you to create an atmosphere of close acquaintance and maintain contact with subscribers for a long time.
  • Secondly, you need to adhere to the distribution schedule. To make the audience not lose interest and constantly increase, it is necessary to give viewers a general idea of ​​when they can expect new content. Most users are unsubscribed from channels that suddenly appear and just disappear suddenly.

It is important to download at least one new video a week in order to preserve interest. But for a better result, you should focus on two or three videos. This is the optimal number that supports the interest of subscribers, but does not tire them with excessive content.

No less important is the time for publication. According to the article on the Tube Filter website, the following hours are the most successful


Also the spectator interest grows from Thursday to Saturday

This cycle is understandable , If you think about the features of YouTube.

Unlike most other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where you can carelessly scroll the news feed, you need a lot more to view YouTube

Make live streams a part of your content

Live broadcast, or stream – this is a fairly new concept on YouTube. And it begins to spread like lightning like a forest fire.

According to Mediakix, “YouTube Live video views grew by 80%, and the number of live broadcasts increased by 130% between 2015 and 2016.”


Stream creation plays a very important role in attracting attention to the brand. To live video is explained by the special closeness of the viewer and the creator, which is not transmitted by intimacy, trust and openness.

In the process, About responding to questions and comments in real time and interacting with their audience as closely as it is impossible to do in any other way.

A study published on Livestream showed that live video is more attractive to the audience of the brand: 80 % Prefer to watch just live broadcasts, and not read the blog, and 82% prefer such videos to posts in social networks.

To date, there is a limit to the ability to create streams. The channel must have at least 1000 subscribers to start the broadcast. But this number is rapidly shrinking, considering that as early as the beginning of 2017, the minimum number of subscribers was 10,000.

Cooperate with popular bloggers

When you consolidate the brand on the site, do not forget about another effective way Increase traffic – guest posting. Cooperation with successful videoblogs of the chosen niche significantly increases brand popularity.

To create a joint video project, you can interact remotely via Skype or any similar program.


As already mentioned, competition Among entrepreneurs using YouTube to position their brand, while very low. At the same time, the total audience of the site is 1.3 billion users. In view of the trusted atmosphere that is achieved through video, YouTube can be an ideal place to create from scratch or strengthen an existing brand.

One of the advantages over competitors in the promotion is the regularly provided unique quality content in accordance with the chosen direction of development . The correspondence to these parameters is what will not go unnoticed by users.


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