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Are you sure that you are using the capabilities of the semantic kernel as much as possible? Do you use hidden reserves that can increase the sales of your goods and services? Today we will talk about the search for such requests and their use for commercial projects.


Many store owners know about the mechanism of the apse and crochet in the product card – “You may also be interested” or “With this product they buy”. Usually the load is tied to the goods from the same series or logically complementing: to the bed – the chest of drawers, to the camera – the cover. In another case, offer an alternative product, for example, a more interesting and cool model. But the capacity of complementary or substitute products is not infinite.

When you are at a dead end, safely go to Yandex, Google and other services to work with semantics to find new ideas. These systems have extensive statistics of user requests that directly reflect their interests. You will find out what customers want your products, what they care about, what else they can offer.

Why are additional search terms important?

1. Adjacent search queries can be displayed in the top search results along with the main ones and bring additional targeted traffic.

2. The mechanism of the apse and crossover will allow you to increase the average check.

Everything is clear with importance. So how do you track what more people are looking for that are interested in your product? Consider the process of searching for queries according to their specifics: a) alternative products, b) additional products. We selected examples for the article using free services: Yandex search and Google, YandexWordstat, Google Trends, Answerthepublic, and SeoPult semantic core generator.

a) Search for alternative goods and services

A user can search for a product in broad agreement, for example, “birthday cake” and get on the page of your store. However, the background of the holiday can assume a lot of nuances: it will be a children’s morning party, teenagers’ party, a jubilee evening and so on. That is, with a high probability of the visitor will be interested in a certain thematic cake, and your task is to give him the opportunity to choose. In this case, use the block You may also be interested in » in the product card with withdrawal of alternative positions.

What exactly to offer in this block? You can start from your sales statistics or popular, related to the basic, search queries. There are several ways to find such queries:

  • search suggestions of Yandex and Google;
  • block in the issue of Yandex and Google “Together with this search”;
  • SeoPult core picker.

The tool from SeoPult is available in two modules – “SEO-promotion” and “Contextual advertising” (at the step of matching words). In fact, it aggregates all of the above ways of searching for related queries. When you use it, you avoid an unnecessary routine: the need to switch between different services and tabs of the browser, drive in turn key queries. Here everything is in one place and on one screen. Including the frequency of the search queries.

Total as a result of a small and rapid analysis is selected list of actual demand around the given product. We see that cakes are in demand for a child, for a year, for a boy, for bridal, for an anniversary, for men, for a mother, for mastic and so on. Take the idea for implementation, display in the block of recommendations really relevant to the buyers of goods and watch the change in the conversion rate.

b) Searching for complementary goods and services

Another type of related inquiries is the goods and services that your customers can purchase in the appendage to the main product.

The tools described above will help you collect search queries in which there is a main keyword. But how do I find contiguous queries that do not contain the main keyword?

The answer lies in the minds of your customers. You need to investigate consumer preferences: what kind of products do they think when buying your product. The analysis will help to reveal such accompanying positions, which you did not even think about earlier. It’s unlikely that we will be able to interrogate all potentially interested users, so we suggest using free web analytics tools – Google Trends and Answer Public.

Google Trends

With its help, you can explore the interest of users on a given topic in a certain region in the last hour, 4 hours, day, week, month, quarter, year, five years, starting from 2004 or for any chosen period of time. Let’s see what proposals we get if we examine the theme “birthday cakes” . We indicate the interval of 1 year in the region of Russia.

First, Google Trends shows interest in your search query as a graph.

Secondly, related topics and related queries are displayed at the bottom of the page. In the section “More on the topic” (left column) you can see what other users interested in birthday cake were looking for.

We see that your customers are also interested in cakes, flowers, song “Happy Birthday”, gifts, Dubai, desires, Oreo cookies And if you expand the research area to the whole world, then the list will postcards, chocolate, candles, parties, name . You can use this data to expand the assortment of the store. This time. Two – to offer additional goods and services when people buy a birthday cake. For example, a bouquet of flowers, festive accessories (balls, candles), souvenirs, cards, chocolate gifts. Another possible option – promotional codes for travel, organization of parties in the framework of co-marketing with partner companies.

Answer Public

Google Trends is an excellent tool, but it is not always accurate in the selection of similar queries that do not include your main keyword. Western colleagues use in addition to it a free service Answer Public – a generator of a huge number of related keys. One downside for Russian realities is the English-speaking nature of queries and the analysis of only Western demand. However, Answer Public can fully refill your services to find ideas.

So, indicating “birthday cakes ” in the UK region, we get 128 questions, 116 sentences and 84 letter ideas concerning this request. For example, within the sentence “c” you can see festive cakes with crowns, festive cakes with roses, festive cakes with candles and festive cakes with flowers . And dozens and hundreds of related products and services.



We told you about simple ways to collect requests for the sale of alternative or related products. It should be remembered that the consumer interest around your product will change: some words will lose relevance, their place will be taken by others. Therefore, the analysis must be carried out regularly, in order to respond in a timely manner to customer demand.

Also do not forget about the optimization of the pages of the site, the correct construction of a block of recommended products in the product card. Any error can lead to “dumps” and the loss of precious traffic. If you need help in diagnosing and finalizing your resource, you can order this service from ” Personal Manager” in SeoPult. For those who want to understand the tools and learn how to work with the site, we recommend you to visit free seminars and webinars at the CyberMarketing training center.


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