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Well, almost half of the summer has already passed. It’s time to prepare for the last month of this beloved by all the time of the year.

August usually turns out to be quite fussy and eventful. Someone is trying to rest, someone is already preparing for productive autumn.

In any case, August gives marketers many reasons for creating content. So, what events can not be missed next month?

1. Back to school


The beginning of the school year is not far off, it is an important event for schoolchildren, students, teachers and teachers, and for all those who study or work in education .

Soon they will begin to sweep books and notebooks from the shelves, and there will not be a single baa in clothing stores Blouse Tell your favorite readers about the best stores and attractive promotions that take place in your city.

Do you work in the fashion industry? Well, young users will be happy to receive recommendations from you on creating a stylish image for the school or The institute, the choice of hairstyle, makeup, shoes and accessories, because everyone wants to look 100% even in a boring form.

Arrange for subscribers in social networks a rally of amusing stationery or gift certificates.

If your Brand is far away ie schools, offer a free training course or seminar. You can prepare an e-book or presentation. Learn, learn and study again!

2. Airborne Forces Day – August 2


Only” blue berets “celebrate their professional holiday on such a scale that all Russia knows about it.

A great excuse to hold a photo contest : The most amusing and shocking, and, perhaps, the most touching. Play among the subscribers a vest or a certificate

Create an interesting infographics about this holiday or make a live broadcast from a thematic event that will take place in your city.

3. International beer day – August 4


How to celebrate International Beer Day? You can arrange a tasting or a free dinner at a local pub. Excellent, if you have the opportunity to arrange a tour of the brewery, even if virtual.

Also readers will be interested to know the history of this foamy drink. Prepare an article about different beers so that everyone can feel like a real expert. Create interactive infographics with interesting facts. And ask the users to share their stories that began with the foam bubble.

4. World Cat Day – August 8


These graceful creations were worshiped even in Ancient Egypt. And today no inhabitant of the planet can resist their charm. How many videos and photos with seals did you see For all his life? It’s hard to even imagine.

Your brand can congratulate All cats, cats and kittens with their holiday, having arranged a rally of fodder, accessories or toys, or you offer a unique cat’s spa and manicure?

A lot of interesting things can be told about our pets: the history of domestication, breeds, care tips And education, interesting facts, or try something unusual – take a video with your employees and their seals.

And, of course, where without funny pictures and videos. Organize a contest for the title of the sweetest pet or just share with the subscribers a fresh selection of the funniest and most unusual visual content.

5. Day of the athlete – August 12


Inhalation deep, arms wider, Do not rush – three or four!

When was the last time you did gymnastics? Remind your readers how It’s great to warm up after waking up and recharge your batteries for the whole day.

Tell us about the most effective exercise Which can easily be performed at home or in the office Ask the users to share photos of their sporting achievements or motivating videos Inspiring readers to exercise and proper nutrition It’s so cool

6. World Photography Day – August 19


Photo Afiyan – a fertile topic for any marketer. After all, visual content is a hit of the modern Internet.

Share with the users the secrets of ideal photos, prepare an overview of current exhibitions or a selection of works by popular photographers. Arrange a competition for the best shot or play a professional photo shoot. A little imagination and you can create really exciting content.

7. Day of Russian cinema – August 27


Make yourself comfortable and do not forget to take popcorn with you.

You can start with the classics – Soviet comedies , Military black-and-white films.Many will be interested to learn how to make favorite national hits, see Экс exclusive photos from the shooting or discover unusual facts from the life of the actors.

Play tickets to the cinema, have a look in the open air or tell us about the most amazing places that you can visit on this day. Russian cinema, share their favorite films, which, perhaps, for someone will become a real discovery.

8. Day of the blog – August 31


Join you and tell your subscribers about the resource (19459003)

9. World Athletics Championships


World Cup On track and field athletics 2017 will be held in London from 5 to 13 August. We are preparing to root for our athletes. And also we write reviews for the upcoming event and keep the readers up to date with the latest news.

Will you personally attend the championship? Excellent! We are waiting for live broadcasts, video and photo reports. It will be interesting to many users.

10. Total solar eclipse – August 21


In any case, a solar eclipse is amazing and even n (19459003)

We hope that this article has inspired you with a few fresh ideas.There are very few things left till August.Submit your content-plan with a positive and surprise readers with something new.


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