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In our work we often communicate with small agencies and freelancers who specialize in context – they are our partners.

We are working hard to solve their problems and are constantly confronted with troubles that somehow inhibit growth. And we are talking about everything in general: subsidence in incomes, gaps in competencies, instillation in routine.

We decided to share the information that we have accumulated over our century in order to simplify life for ourselves and others. Then we will talk about how to do better, faster and more, being a small advertising agency or freelancer in contextual advertising.

1. A small business is better than a great idleness (folk wisdom)

One of the most piquant issues in Russian digital was and remains the theme of the quality of advertising campaigns. It’s better and just more qualitative.

We will not develop subject of subjective quality assessment and unjustified expectations of advertisers today. Let’s take this as a reality lying on the conscience of agencies.

If large agencies have all the necessary resources to create the most worthy campaigns, then small agencies and private specialists have very limited resources. What kind of resources? Yes banal: frames, time, technology.

Request to Google “automation of contextual advertising.” Yes, and 404 error on boarding 🙂

Headlines, texts, landing pages, quick links, relevance, metric indicators – all this requires careful monitoring. It takes a lot of time to solve all these and related tasks, but, good, the market has generated a number of tools with which you can create high-quality ads and keep them under control. And there are developments that solve the narrow tasks, for example, the service for the formation of negative keywords and work with them from or IQcontext – automated search for errors in contextual advertising in terms of ad texts, display time, landing pages, relevance, etc.

There are also free services with a comprehensive approach that close several tasks at once. For example, in our R-broker, during the campaign improvement phase, a number of such tools were collected:

  • automatic quality control of RK / phrases, which is created on the basis of evaluating the criteria that affect the CTR and the quality of ads from the point of view of Yandex;
  • projections for key campaign metrics (CTR, CPC, CPA, CPO),
  • monitoring the position of keywords in organic issuance;
  • Optimization of the Republic of Kazakhstan on conversion indicators, etc.


In addition to technological solutions, there is also an offline opportunity to pump knowledge. It’s about events that are held in the sphere of contextual advertising for specialists and agencies of contextual advertising. Conferences, business breakfasts, webinars – it’s all clear, sit and listen.

More unusual for the market, but no less effective, the format of work – regular, mostly informal meetings of specialists and agency staff. Such events are most useful because they can find a solution to their problem, dismantle a specific case, learn about lifhaki on work with a certain segment of the market from those who already ate this dog. For example, the SEO Pilot group Moscow and the Agency management, web studio, design bureau periodically hold meetings where colleagues “gather around the shop” and discuss current issues, the essence of life, acquire useful connections.

Speaking of connections. Recently, the format of work has become relevant, in which small agencies / freelancers are affiliated with major agencies. For what? This gives them the opportunity to get a fresh expert look at the structure of current campaigns and to pump their skills as specialists in the field of Internet marketing. Plus, there is an opportunity to get tasks for a contract from a large agency, for which they do not have enough resources. And again, participate in events organized by the agency.

We now decided to take fresh ideas of new partners in a test mode and go for a week to Montenegro to pump skills and campaigns. The experience is interesting for us, therefore we decided to take care of all the expenses and see what profit this will bring to all participants, and most importantly to the campaigns of our projects and customers of partners.

With the naked eye you can see that the market offers a lot of options for development – from classical to experimental – I do not want to take it.

2. Time is money

“Faster” is not the accelerated work of the hands, brain, speech device, etc., but minimizing the routine that consumes a lot of time: creating, launching and marking ads, analyzing the indicators of current campaigns, managing bids and other tasks, Which make up to several hundred manipulations a day.

Most routine tasks are already perfectly able to perform services / systems / platforms for automating contextual advertising. The market has a lot of solutions for both paid (Marin Software, Origami, K50, Alytics, Marilyn, etc.), and free (R-broker, Elama). For example, using individual tactics of phrase management, you can build such a chain of conditions:

If the cost of 1 special placement is 30% higher than the cost of 2 special accommodations, and the average daily CPA for a phrase is less than 3, then the announcement is shown in the 2nd special placement.


How long will it take for you to manually set up such tactics of control and constant control of rates? A lot of.

And using the automation service, you need to adjust the necessary tactics once with the help of the designer – and, voila, save a lot of time and exclude the human factor, which means we get rid of random errors.

An example of eliminating routine, in addition to automatic bid management and retention of positions, is the tool for automatic UTM-marking of the PK, without which the analyst will be so-so, and accordingly, the optimization is so-so, or even completely absent. Another good example is the consolidated reports with consolidated statistics and data from Direct and GA.

It’s amazing that if there is a huge choice of systems that allow solving many useful tasks, a large number of agencies / specialists do not trust the work of automated solutions – they used to work in the old-fashioned way. Why? Unclear. It’s like a gearbox in a car: why drive a mechanic if the automatic box closes 99% of the needs?

3. Affiliation, or Affiliate Digital

For some advertisers, the main argument in choosing an agency is the free conduct of advertising campaigns in Yandex. Most small agencies can not afford such a format because of the small amount of funds that Yandex returns through the affiliate program, or at all because of the absence of a return commission (for example, there is a budget-forming client). Those. To be in the black, the agencies take an additional commission or fix, which pays for their services.

Directly this affects the loss of medium and large customers – “There is no cost. Let’s go there”. In my opinion, the correct solution in this situation is a partnership with another agency that will allow you to receive additional income through the introduction of their technology. And after the introduction, the format of the work does not change: all the clients work on your agency account, and what access you give to customers, you also decide.

Everyone familiar with the phrase “need yesterday” should also be affected. And if the promptness of the setting in an adequate time depends on you, then there is no transfer of funds to the account. Cash gap between when a customer paid the account and when the funds appeared on the account, can reach 3 days, and the checkout should not stop. Of course, in part this task is closed by the credit line of the advertising network, but if the client for some reason delayed payment, the agency suffers. You can not invest your funds to all agencies, and if you are affiliated with an agency larger than you, then you have an excellent bonus – a trust payment or simply an interest-free loan.


The recipe for an exquisite context without attachments and with additional income is simple: we take tools to taste, we add a partner agency – it’s ready. From these two components it is possible to build quite a pleasant environment for work and a favorite business.

Being on the side of the service, which includes most of the above tasks and solutions, I will sum up the fact that there is no sense in postponing the transition to automated tools, thus you just get into a routine and run away from the obvious – the quality is better, the problems are solved faster and money More.


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