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Motivation or Manipulation? Analysis of behavior for the Optimization of UX


Behavioral sciences – a source of valuable knowledge for marketers, designers and developers. Many scientists try to better understand the principles of human behavior: they regularly conduct new research and publish interesting books with their findings.

The results of their work help to effectively optimize the user experience and develop intuitive interfaces. But some brands resort to special tricks and try to manipulate users (or motivate them to commit certain actions).

So, the NY Times recently published an article about the psychological techniques that Uber uses in his application.

Applying knowledge about human behavior in UX is almost limitless. But there is a set of scenarios that brands use most often. To some, they seem “tricks”, others more “tips.” Uber successfully uses them all.

Perhaps you will find some of them interesting and want to apply in your strategy.

6 scenarios for the UX


Scenario 1

Description: Directing drivers to areas with high demand through text, email and pop-up messages with information about potential customers.

Example: “Hello! The morning rush hour is in full swing. You’d better head to this area with the highest demand. ”

Scenario 2

Description: Using the image of a woman who gives advice to drivers.

Example: “Look, the concert is almost over. You need to go there exactly. ”

Scenario 3

Description: Sending messages with a reminder of the possibility of getting a bonus for a certain number of trips.

Example: “You are halfway to success, congratulations!”

Scenario 4

Description: Sending drivers messages with a call to continue working until they reach a certain amount when they are going to turn off the application.

Example: “It remains to earn another 10 dollars to the amount of 330 dollars. Are you sure you want to exit? “(With visualization)

Scenario 5

Description: Opportunity to receive special awards.

Example: Awards “There is nowhere else”, “Excellent service”, “Exciting trip”.

Scenario 6

Description: Results panel with statistics for the week.

Example: How many trips this week, how much money the driver earned, how much time he spent in the app, the average rating from passengers.

Motivation or manipulation?


Do you think these are the tools of manipulation or motivation?

In fact, all these functions only help drivers. After all, they want to know where the potential customers are, they want to make more money.

The solutions listed above only optimize the experience of drivers. There is nothing wrong with communicating important information to users and helping them to improve efficiency.

Motivation of people to achieve their goals is one of the best applications of the science of behavior. And many applications use this function. Because, ultimately, this is beneficial not only to users, but also to brands.


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