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Overview: Mobile Applications for Small Businesses


Hot discussions among marketers and small business owners around the development of mobile applications are still not abating.

Small businesses can now afford to develop their own branded applications and confidently catch up with large organizations that are actively using this effective business tool.

Why now?

The main reason for the growth in the number of mobile applications among small companies – price . Only now their development becomes more accessible. After all, now applications do not have to be created from scratch.

Small business widely uses application templates with ready-made code and design. They can only add their logo and name. And while this option limits the freedom of the company, it is the most realistic for small businesses.

Another reason for the growth in the popularity of mobile applications is their validity by large organizations efficiency . Small companies analyze the results of experiments of competitors with more opportunities. This allows them to reduce risks.

Who creates applications?


Now it is mostly representatives of small businesses, because large organizations have long acquired their own applications. But which companies are most profitable to use mobile solutions?

Clutch interviewed 355 small business owners in the US and came to interesting conclusions:

  • Small companies with young owners (under 45 years of age) are twice as likely to create applications than companies whose owners are older.
  • The size of the company also affects the development of mobile phones: only 15% of companies with less than 10 employees develop applications. Organizations with 51-500 employees are 65% more likely to create their own applications.

What are the applications for?

People do not download branded applications, just because they are. The application should offer value . That’s why developers usually concentrate not on direct sales, but on offering customers value. This provides better results.

The ultimate goal remains the same – increase in revenue and sales. But it is not achieved directly.

What functions are there in the applications?

When choosing functions for applications, it is important to maintain a balance. An overloaded application will tire the user, and you’ll waste a lot of resources.


Try to use only those functions that users really need. This will help increase ROI.

Many small companies use in their applications the following functions which provide them with a high return on investment:

  • Integration with social networks – 20%
  • Mobile payments – 19%
  • Personalization – 15%
  • Loyalty programs – 13%
  • Services based on location – 12%
  • Calendar – 11%
  • Push Notifications – 11%

How are applications created?

The most popular questions among small business owners: “How to make an application?” and “Which developers are the best?”

It’s not so easy to answer them, because there are different types of mobile solutions. Each version has its advantages and disadvantages.


1. Established team

It’s pretty expensive solution. It involves hiring specialists in the state. Depending on the size of the company, it can be one specialist or the whole team.

In this case, it is necessary to spend not only on the wages of new employees, but also on the process of finding candidates.

But this approach has many advantages . You will be sure that the application will be developed with a deep understanding of the specifics of your business, its problems, goals and customers. Also, usually a full-time team is extremely interested in creating an effective product and improving the performance of the entire organization.

2. Agency

Outsourcing offers a quality result and a lower cost compared to developing an application within the company. In addition, agencies usually have a richer experience . Therefore, they can cope with even the most unusual project.

However, with this approach, problems with communication may arise . For example, your ideas will be misunderstood. In addition, in case of problems with the application, you will not be contacted by anyone for quick help. It is also worth noting that third-party agencies are usually not interested in the company’s success, so after paying for their work, their interest in your project will decrease significantly.

3. Consultation freelancer

This approach to creating an application is still cheaper than referring to an agency, but it usually has to be combined using a special service.

In this case, you do not pay for the development of the application, but for the knowledge that will help you cope with the task yourself.

You can also ask for help in the development of experienced freelancers. Disadvantages here will be the same as when working with the agency. However, freelancers are usually more interested in the success of your company, because reputation is very important to them.

4. Software for creating applications

This is the cheapest option available for small businesses. Here, too, there are pluses and minuses.

You will have to study the selected program to work in it effectively. To create a unique unique application in this way will be quite problematic, because you can not go beyond the ready-made templates.

The advantages of this option are that the best applications have a good database that will help you avoid many problems with the support of the finished product. But for this you need to choose a quality service that is ideal for your business.

5. Combination of staffing and freelance development

This is the most expensive solution, but it ensures the creation of the best final product. A regular team of specialists uses their knowledge about the company and its clients, and the agency will be able to apply its knowledge and experience. Together they will be able to create an application that will fully meet the requirements of business and future technological trends.

The market of mobile solutions for small businesses is at the earliest stage of its development. Owners of companies should seriously think about creating their own application, functional and valuable for customers, now. This will help them to raise their performance and provide a decent ROI.


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