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How to Promote a Blog using Pinterest: Strategies and Hacks


And that Pinterest can be used to promote your blog and not just use it to store images of cozy interiors, knitting instructions and recipes for cakes?

That’s right! Abroad, Pinterest, along with Instagram, is used by bloggers as a means to attract readers, and some call it the main source of traffic to the site.

I waited a long time for the Pinterest boom to reach the Russian-speaking world. But the boom lingered somewhere on the road. The Russian-language analog has not gained momentum and I can not say that I’m very upset about this. Over the past few years, Pinterest itself has become famous in Russia, the name ceased to evoke the question “what is this?” And most have an account there. (If you do not already, then read my old post). True, it is used only as a catalog of beautiful pictures and ideas, but not for promotion.

There is good news in this: minimum of competition.

Pinterest takes the fourth place in my list of social networks (it owns 8% of traffic). But recently in the blog newsletter subscribe became more and more people, who, when asked, “How did you know about my blog?” Answered that they found your blog via a picture in Pinterest.

The final argument was the clients who came to me. They found out about me from Pinterest! Came to me when I saw the pin on the blog post. Wow!

So that we can continue to ignore the platform, and can be a little bit to understand it and use it to attract readers.

I will begin by dispelling the myth. Many, yes even there, even Yandex Metrics, put Pinterest on a par with Instagram, Facebook and call this site a social network. And this is a mistake!

The basis of a social network is the translation of what is happening in your life. This can be a Facebook status, a note of 140 characters on Twitter or a picture of pancakes that you ate for breakfast. A social network is communication, husks and hashtags.

There is no such thing in Pinterest. In Pinterest, we come to find interesting ideas, to save there useful information or to look at beautiful pictures. How to tie a plaid of giant wool without the help of spokes, I will not even google, but immediately go to look for in Pintrest.

Therefore, Pinterest will be effective if you have a blog, a website with continuously updated content or shop (even if it is a shop on Etsy). The group on Facebook, Instagram and VK is not suitable for promotion in Pinterest. Ta-dam, another argument in favor of having a blog, if you do not have it yet!

Therefore, search engine optimization and keywords are important for promotion in Pinterest. What we can not pay attention to in Instagram, Facebook and VK.

How to evaluate the potential of your blog in Pinterest?

You might be surprised, but if you have a blog, then it’s likely that someone has already written down information from your blog to your board in pinterest and your content is already working in Pinterest without your participation.

Enter the address in the search box Your Site (after the source – your blog’s domain without http).

If you do not have an account, for example, you did not develop the network, and the pins from your site are – it’s excellent Sign Analyze the results Look at what pictures and texts of your blog are most popular, how your pins look ( either vertical or horizontal), which to him signing (detailed and clear images or the names of files). Share in the comments what you get search results.

If you are willing to work with Pinterest strategically to drive traffic, then …

… there are two key directions:

  1. promotion of their account, attracting followers and introducing their content on their boards;
  2. Optimizing your site / blog for Pinterest.

There are strategies for dealing with planks communities, but it is rather a Russian theme I have it itself in practice is not used, so going into the details I will not.

I. Promoting your account in Pinterest

1. Start by registering your account.

As elsewhere, it’s important to have a good profile description, a clear name. Using a good photo in the avatar (the same as in other social networks), a link to your site. In general, everything is corny, but many do not.

2. Switch your personal account into a business format.

Connecting a business account is free of charge, but you will get access to statistics, the ability to optimize your pins from your site (rich pins) and advertise them, sending them with advice on promotion.

3. Decorate the boards.

Look at your account like this is a glossy magazine of your blog or your business and the boards in your account are sections.

At first I used the account as a collection of pictures and only then adjusted it to the needs of promotion, so I used this advice, heard in one podcast, to audit my boards. Renamed them (mine are called in both English and Russian: “I am blogging | I’m a blogger”), unnecessary and irrelevant deleted.

Removing the boards, by the way, is not very recommended, because you can have subscribers who follow only a specific board and if you delete the board, then delete the subscribers. The recommendation of experts is to rename the board and change the content there. But I was cleaning general cleaning, so all the unnecessary poudaljala. Now I do not hang a board in the public access while there are few pins, before that I’m leading a board in the secret format. My reference point is a minimum of 25 pins.

4. Choose the covers for the boards.

They should reflect the content and it is desirable that they be pictures without inscriptions. Visually the boards of your account should also represent your brand.

Well, when the design of the boards can be traced to a common color scheme. It’s more natural, you choose those photos that are visually appealing to you and, as a rule, this photo in a single style.

Blacksburg Belle blog boards. Vintage, muffled-blurred, turquoise
The boards of the blog Design For Mankind. Minimalistic and graphical
Blog boards Oh happy day. Bright and pinkish pink

5. Place the boards in order from key to less significant topics.

You can move the boards by drag and drop. Top up the most relevant boards that best reflect the essence of your account. The person who first appeared in your account should quickly understand where he was and what he is waiting for.

For example, I have up boards on blogs (in English and in Russian), a board about writing, and creative entrepreneurship. Plus, upstairs I take out seasonal boards: in the winter – Christmas, in the autumn – Halloween and autumn decor, etc.

6. Promote your account.

In fact, everything is simple. It is necessary to kick. Several times a day. When I put the experiment to promote the account, I kicked 2-3 times a day, in the morning at breakfast, at dinner and in the evening in front of the TV. If this is done, then the number of subscribers grows and quickly enough.

There are programs that automate the process, I heard good reviews about Tailwind, although I did not use this service myself.

Well, do not forget all the standard ways of promotion: place the Pinterest icon on the sidebar, tell the blog visitors that you have an account in Pinterest, include it in your posts, including with the help of the widget.

7. Integrate your blog’s content into thematic boards.

The trick is to get the pins that you kick on the boards to integrate the pins from your site and then they will appear in the tapes of your subscribers.

It’s not worth making the mistake I did first, I created a folder with the name of the blog and kicked only my pins there. As a result, there was leapfrog. Do not do it this way. Distribute your pins to thematic boards that you have. The general recommendation of experts is 10 for one another’s pins. I do not have so many materials, so I did not adhere to this recommendation.

II. Optimizing your blog for promotion in Pinterest

This strategy can be implemented regardless of whether you have an account on Pinterest and whether you are promoting it.

1. Use vertical pictures.

The most important thing is vertical pictures. At first I did not attach importance to the format of pictures and later realized that this was a mistake. The general recommendation on the size of the picture: 735 to 1102 pixels. In principle, the height of the picture can be any, if it is too high, then Pinterest it “will collapse.” I did experiments and I can not say that the images stretched vertically are better than standard ones, so you can follow the standard recommendation. In there is a template for Pinterest images, you can create them using this service.

2. Make out the headings illustrations.

It is important to place the text on the vertical picture, which explains the essence of the post, then on the pin will click and follow the link, and not just save a beautiful picture. And after all, our task is to bring the user to his site, and there already to interest him with his post, blog, sign up for the newsletter and build relations.

3. Place the pictures in the columns.

Cunning is associated with vertical pictures. In order for the pictures to look decent on the site and on the screen it is better that they are horizontal and placed on the width of the column. So even the most common picture looks professional and neat. Wait, I just said that it’s important in Pintrest that the illustrations be vertical. That’s right! And this is a headache. Especially if you have a lot of beautiful pictures that just ask that readers keep them on their boards.

I used to focus on the look of the site and make a collage of vertical pictures: two vertical pictures together = a horizontal picture. Total, the site looked good, but if someone kicked at Pintrest, it looked bad.

Exit – WordPress plug-in Column Shortcodes. It allows you to place vertical pictures in two columns. If the reader wants to overwrite them, he will individually clip each picture vertically and on the board in Pinterest the picture will look very dignified and take up a lot of space. By the way, in the mobile version of the blog, vertical images are simply lined up one by one and the layout does not float.

4. Add the “Pin it!” Icon.

The one that appears when you move the mouse over the picture. It reminds the user, especially the one who already has an account and his boards in Pinterest: “Hey, buddy, this is a super useful post, do not want to save me for yourself in the future?”. This button can be part of the WordPress theme. For example, in the blog “The house you want to visit”, this icon is configured in the template. I have a template from Pipdig.

If there is no such icon in the template, then the task is solved using the plug-in. On the site I have a plugin Jquery Pin It Button. It allows you to install any design picture “Pin it”, which will be combined with the design of your site.

5. Call the pictures correctly.

It is very important that when the picture is pin it will be reflected in its description. Remember that Pinterest has more search engines than social networks? The description should look beautiful, concise and reflect the essence of the post, rather than look like 4356.JPEG. Not only is it ugly, it’s still not going to help you in finding Pintreth. Previously, my pictures were called exactly that and it’s still my shame, because the descriptions are now on the boards of other people and they can not be removed from there anyway.

The description is specified in the image code of ALT and TITLE. I call the picture so that there was an essence, the keyword was reflected and the source, my blog and my name were indicated. I wrote a separate post about how to call pictures. All recommendations are suitable for Pinterest.

Additional Resources

Pinterest has a lot of features, in addition, the platform is constantly changing. Some time ago, the tape with the pins became algorithmic, there is the possibility of business pins with prices that lead to the store (honestly, this function did not understand), there are so-called rich pins that pick up the description of the pin from your site, the system indexes them better , Plus group boards. I, to be in the know, go through webinars and listen to podcasts. These are the resources that I recommend.

The book “Pinterest for business”

299 rub. | | | Language: Russian

The book of the publishing house “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber” is probably the only book in Russia dedicated to Pinterest. It was published in 2013 and is already obsolete. Apparently, this explains why books can not be found in printed form. But if you like information to be structured by chapter, at the end of each practical step, then buy an electronic version.

Training “How to Advertise on Pinterest: Social Media Training”
Free | Language: English

A training overview on how to advertise pins in Pinterest, from experts Pinterest. A small but very sensible training, from which you will receive basic information and understand how to use the platform for paid promotion. Leaders share a large amount of statistics and talk about the behavior of users. One pity that the leaders’ speech can not be accelerated, they explain everything very thoroughly, I would gladly look in rewind.

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