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Promotions: Customers no longer need Gifts?


The owners of B2C business of all sizes are familiar with the notion of “loyalty program.” Everyone is aware of the importance of this factor in the development of the brand, but, However, they often try to save money on their organization.The simplest solution to the issue in small business is often a promotion – not an expensive and effective format for advertising goods / services.The chip of this event is that it lasts only a few days, but they can become decisive For your company.

A competently organized promotion will at least help you:

  • Increase the customer base.
  • Raise sales of this or that type of goods / services.
  • Raise the company’s rating among competitors at any time of the year.

For more information on how to increase customer loyalty, see the article.

What is the problem of conducting promotions?

In theory, everything is simple – choose the right moment for you, stipulate the conditions for participation, offer a good incentive to attract attention, and voila – the promotion is ready!

In practice, things are a little more complicated: many manage to hold such an event to the detriment of not only their own pocket, but also their reputation.

Nuances that need to be considered in the organization of promotion:

  1. Decide on the type of PR action that is more appropriate for the specifics of your company. You will be able to decide this creative contest, a classic drawing, a quiz, an action, like “collect 5 chips and get a griddle as a gift”, a lottery or something else.
  2. Think carefully about the conditions of participation in your event. It is important to remember that, whatever one may say, we are all lazy by nature, so participants should not put on too abstruse tasks. A person must quickly and easily understand what is required of him.
  3. The action should be open. This means that anyone can be convinced of the honesty of its conduct, independently control the process of drawing prizes, be able to assess their chances. If this is a creative contest, then the potential participant should have free access to the works of his competitors, for example, on the website of the organizer. It is important to observe the timing of the action and publicly determine the winner (the form of submitting the results depends on the type of promotion).
  4. Do not forget to warm up the interest of the audience – the closer the ending of the rally, the more emotions.
  5. Use the surprise effect. Do not announce the planned event in advance. It’s best to suddenly announce something like “100 certificates are being played out, who will have time – that was lucky.” This will reduce the effect of frustration in case of failure.

A guaranteed prize: what to put at stake?

Perhaps the most important element of the whole venture is a prize. First of all, it must be desirable and steep enough that even you will feel sorry for parting with it.


Ironically, it is at the stage of selecting the award for the winner that many make a mistake. And all because they did not study the needs of the target audience.

In early 2017, the agency INBRIEF conducted a study “The attitude of consumers to various characteristics of promo actions in the FMCG market”. More than 5 thousand consumers throughout the territory of Russia became participants in the survey.

As a result of the research it was found out that the people are ready to comply with the terms of the lottery if they get a guaranteed reward for it.

If you already managed to organize a promotion, then you probably faced the problem of “offering as a reward money or a material prize that will emphasize the nature of your brand.” The survey showed that, regardless of age, place of residence and income level, the majority chooses a cash prize.

The second question logically follows: “If money, how much?” How much is the consumer’s interest in your stock? How much should be put on the stake, so that, despite laziness, people wanted to participate in it? It turned out that not too much. For 60%, 10 thousand rubles is enough. But before planning such an action, one should take into account that 9% of the population of Russia does not trust money prizes at all. The lower the income of a person – the higher the level of distrust.

Considering the prize fund, it is necessary to understand what the buyer wants: whether it will be 1 chic prize or several, but simpler. The results of the poll show that people tend to participate in wetting, where they have a better chance of winning, so the second variant won in voting – several prizes are simpler.

Last but not least important question: “how to tell about your steep promotion”? The dissemination of information about the drawing is one of the important stages of its organization. The results of the research showed that people are accustomed to receiving such information directly from the packaging of the product. The second, but not less popular way was the Internet.

Promotions – a universal way to attract the attention of customers and build trust with them. The main thing is to remember the specifics of the audience you are going to work with (actually, as in any advertising campaign).

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