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How to warm up a “Cold” audience?


A strong adherent of the brand is a rarity. Most often you have to work with people who are unfamiliar with your products. This problem is especially topical for the “newcomers” of the business, who have not yet managed to create a name and a positive reputation. As a result, the question arises – how to do this? Is it possible for a small business owner to attract the attention of new customers as quickly and efficiently as possible? Our answer is yes! Moreover, we will tell you how to do it with minimal expenses.

“British scientists have proved” that regardless of the level of income, everyone loves freebies. Therefore, the simplest advice of business trainers is to offer something free or very cheap. With all this, your offer should be completely free from any risk. So you can:

  • Calling confidence in a person.
  • Increase the number of replies.
  • Remove the initial objections.
  • To improve the company’s image.

In theory, everything is fine, but not many realize how to realize it in practice. Therefore, catch 3 cool ideas of “free” customer attraction for small businesses.

  1. Geomification

Probably, everyone remembers actions like “collect 5 caps and get …”. Previously, the idea would work fine, but today you will not be surprised by that.

Marketers have long realized that the game is much steeper than the standard advertising text. It allows not only interesting to declare your brand, but also awakens people’s sense of excitement. The effect of rivalry and adrenaline is intriguing and attracting attention. So why not play on this in the preparation of an advertising campaign?

Give a person the opportunity to win something without the condition of compulsory purchase of goods, and the result will not take long to wait.

It was on the feeling of excitement that the owners of the “Coffee House” played, offering their visitors to play with the barista in “scissors-paper-stone.” If the client wins – gets a cup of coffee, loses – a good mood and experience.

Another variant of the game conditions between the client and the seller at the stage of product presentation. Since most do not like to listen, make them act. This is true at a variety of exhibitions, conferences, public events, where your goal – to talk about the brand. The rules of the game are simple: in case of a win, a person gets a good discount, loses – agrees to the presentation of the product. At what you notice, the fact of victory is absolutely unimportant, the main thing is participation.

One of the leaders of the domestic market for the use of gaming technologies in marketing can be deservedly called the company “VTB Insurance”. They fully realized this method. Together with Interactive boutique on their own site and in social networks they launched the application “Tame the elements”. The goal of the game is to protect your house from all sorts of misfortunes (hurricane, fire, etc.).

Anastasia Shchukina, Head of Marketing Communications VTB Insurance, says:

We do not just tell the customer about the product or our advantages. We involve a person in the world of insurance, and we do it in the most interesting way. Just offer to study the insurance product in an exciting and laid-back form. “

Here you can also include quests. For example, the owner of a network of institutions of the city as an advertising move has the opportunity to scatter a series of tasks for each of the points. Suppose, in one of the cafes, the client receives a list of tasks from the waiter, and following the instructions, bypasses the entire network, performing a corresponding task in each of the points. As a result, you get generous attention of citizens who can get acquainted with the advantages of your institution, regardless of its location.

The main thing is not to forget about the reward. It’s great if, as a prize, a person gets something valuable for him: a discount, a subscription to a unique dispatch or the same cup of coffee.

  1. Customer Experience

Best people buy what they believe. One way to gain customer confidence is to give it a try out product / service.

We are not talking about standard tests of lipstick, perfume or tasting the product, but about more interesting presentation methods.

Let the person feel part of the process. Take, for example, the idea of ​​free pizza cooking lessons for children. Many restaurants once a month arrange open children’s master classes to regularly attract new customers.


Can you then not buy the creation of your child?

Let the client go for a bar stand so that he can make a cocktail or organize a cocktail party under the strict guidance of a bartender. This will create an agiotage around your institution and significantly increase the trust of customers.

Is your business not designed for such experiments? No problem. Give people a glimpse into the “holy of holies” of your company, to see what is usually hidden from prying eyes. For example, an excursion is an idea not new, but effective. Especially modern technologies allow conducting “virtual tours”. As the American company did, promoting its “smart house” system. For the period of the advertising campaign, they allowed anyone who visits their site to observe the process of product development. A live broadcast was conducted from the cameras in the office of the brand and everyone could see the life of the company “from within.”


Thus, trust relationships with potential audiences were formed, thereby creating a common emotional attachment to the brand.

  1. Knowledge as a gift

Singing the praises for their product has long been out of fashion. Customer needs have always been in the first place, so better teach him to solve problems yourself (of course with the help of your services / goods). Training has become one of the productive methods of advertising the company.

One of the options is free consultations. “It’s boring for everyone,” you will say, but we are not talking about the standard “vparivaniye goods.” It is important to be able to change the goal of “sell” to “help” without damage to the budget. How to do it?

“Dissuade a person from buying.” It sounds wild, but it works perfectly. But only provided that everything is done correctly. This is the aerobatics of sales techniques: without minimizing the advantages of one product, selling another. Try the formula “It’s better not to buy, try this option” and get +1 in the list of regular customers. Against the background of the general desire to “sell” your advice will look in the best light, and the rating of confidence – go off scale.

Conduct free conferences, trainings, webinars or a simpler version – blogging. This can be a review of top mistakes, answers to pressing questions. The main goal of such events is not to “pour water”, but to give as much practical advice as possible.

Read an example of such publication “Actual questions of clients: legal entity and ePochta products”

An interesting version of the implementation of the reception from the company UVIVO.

For those who find it difficult to choose a pet, they offer the services of an expert group. Professionals will help you decide on a four-friend, depending on the style of your life.

How to tell about your project?

An important stage in the implementation of ideas in life is its PR. In order to implement the above ideas in business, you need to quickly tell about them. Of course, you can use the standard channels: TV, radio, outdoor advertising, but this requires considerable cost. In addition, often their result does not justify the means. With a minimal budget, a more optimal solution would be to organize a mass SMS mailing. It can be used both as a main method and as an auxiliary method. For example, to support an email campaign or the same advertisement on television. After all, this is one of the fastest and most effective ways of disseminating information.

So what are we talking about?

Modern society is already tired of standard promotions. You want to attract attention – surprise them. Even the usual desire to “help” will yield a noticeable result. But for this, first of all, you need to change your psychological priorities, which is not so easy to do. Many will hardly have a transition from the concept of “selling” to “helping”, but this is a necessary step on the road to development.

Like any start, it takes costs. As practice shows, the above-described “buns” will become the most economical option for small businesses. Make an element of the game in your marketing, because first of all the public craves a spectacle.

Download your brand and claim yourself loudly.

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